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Free Computer Tutorials for Beginners
with Screenshots at IT Buddy - 2012

Free Computer Tutorials for beginners at IT Buddy. How to do a wide variety of activities on a desktop computer or laptop running Windows Vista and XP and using programs including MS Office, Adobe and Hotmail. Internet, Security, Keyboard, Mouse and Laptop Tutorials are included.

A comprehensive selection of computer books and manuals.

Tutorial Index

Staples Office Supplies

Computer Books and Manuals
European Computer Driving Licence
Buying a Computer
MS Word
MS Excel
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Powerpoint 2003/2007
Dreamweaver CS4/3/MX
Web Design - Publishing
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe CS4/CS3/CS2
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash
Build Your Own PC
Digital Photograhy
Software from Amazon
at Best Prices
Internet Security & Child Protection
900+ free PDF Skills for
Life resources available
on this excellent privately owned site.Super resource for literacy, numeracy and ESOL classes.

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Quick Links - How to do tasks on your computer

Vista Start Menu
Open a program - search - properties dialog box

How to Drag and Drop
How to Copy, Cut and Paste in Windows
Selecting Text in Microsoft Word and
 Microsoft Works Word Processor
How to Create a Shortcut on Your Desktop in XP or Vista
How to Change Your Desktop Wallpaper in Windows Vista and XP
Change your Monitors Screen Resolution in Vista and XP
How to Change Your Homepage in Internet Explorer
Using the Mouse
How to use a Laptop Touchpad
Using Adobe Reader-8/9
Laptop Keyboard
How to Download using Torrents
Internet Security - Protect Your Computer
The Snipping tool in Vista for Screen Captures
How to Use the Windows Print Screen Key
How to Format Text in Microsoft Word 2007
Record a Macro in  MS Word 2007 and MS Excel 2007
Record a Macro in MS Word 1997-2003 and MS Excel 1997-2003
How to Save Files
Explanation of File Sizes
Glossary - Computer Terminology
Windows Live Messenger/HOTMAIL
How to Download Windows Live Messenger
YAHOO mail
Create an Envelope in MS Word 1997-2003
Create Envelope in MS Word.2007
Windows Fonts and how they look
Windows Shortcut Keys - Screen Tips
Common File Extensions. Show/Hide File Extensions
Associate File with Program
Link to Excel data from MS Word - (automatic updating)
Mouse Pointers and how tochange how they look in
XP and Vista
Compose Letter using Text Boxes
in MS Word
F1 to  F12  Keyboard Keys
Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys

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