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PDF Files and Viewing them in Acrobat Reader with Screenshots.

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What are PDF Files Where will I come across PDF files Two examples of when a PDF file will open in Adobe Reader 9 (or previous versions).
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Main Interface Page viewing and magnification of the page in the viewing window Navigation using the Thumbnails in the side panel.
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Adobe Reader 9.

A Standalone program or Web browser plug-in from Adobe that lets you view a PDF (Portable Document Format) file in its original format and appearance. Adobe Reader is available free and can be downloaded from Adobe Systems Inc. at : http://www.adobe.com/

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What are PDF Files.

Adobe's Portable Document Format (pdf) is a translation format used primarily for distributing files across a network, or on a web site. Files with a .pdf extension have been created in another application and then translated into .pdf files so they can be viewed by anyone - regardless of platform.

Many PDF files are large and have many pages. These files are easily printed from the Adobe Reader but some will argue that Pdf files are poor for online reading, navigation is poor with non standard controls and there is no efficient way of searching a large document.

Where will I come across PDF files.

Most computer users will mainly come across PDF files when searching the World Wide Web and downloading information from a website. The author of the information you may wish to view has decided that it is the best format to offer you this information in.

Note: Two examples of when a PDF file will open in Adobe Reader 9 (or previous versions).

Example 1 - File opens in the browser "add on" Acrobat Reader.

In this example we have searched in "Google" for "Benefit Rates" and the following item has been generated in the results window that we wish to look at further.

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Example 2 - File wil open in the standalone Adobe Reader. In this example we have a file saved on our computer that is in PDF format. We may have downloaded it from a website or saved it while viewing in the browser (in Internet Explorer go to File menu then Save as). The PDF file could also be on a CD or other portable media we have loaded onto the computer. The author may have sent the file to be reviewed on a private server/network. Note: To be sure PDF files open in Acrobat Reader see the File Extension Tutorial.

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