How to use a Computer Mouse and Scroll Wheel

The usual way to hold a mouse left or right handed and utilise the scroll wheel

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Holding the mouse with your left hand.

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Holding the mouse with your right hand.

Keep your index finger resting on the left button. To single click gently press down and then release the mouse button.

To double click, quickly press the button twice in a row.

Try to not take your finger off while double clicking. Some people raise their finger up to click or double click. For clicking that works, but for double clicking it is easier to leave your finger on the button and press down twice.

To drag an item or object, press the mouse button down, and keep it down.Then move the mouse. In some programs you drag and drop items. You first click on the object you want to drag, hold the mouse button down, and then drag the object to a new location. Then you release the mouse button and the object is in the new location.

Right Clicks are required less often (for context menu's etc) . Use middle finger for right hand operation and move index finger across for left hand operation.

Your most comfortable and efficient way of working will soon come with practice.

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The mouse will usually have a “Scroll Wheel” Rotate it with your index finger to move the page up or down for viewing (especially useful when surfing in Internet Explorer or other browsers).

Note: To suit your preferences, you can alter the function/orientation of the mouse buttons in the 'Mouse' properties found in the Control Panel

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