How to Create an Envelope in Word 1997-2003 and
Attach an Envelope to a Word Document

See also: Create Envelope in MS Word.2007 and 2010

1. Open or create the Document you wish to add an envelope to in MS Word
or open MS Word to create a single envelope.

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2. Click on the Tools menu - Letters and Mailings - Envelopes   and Labels.

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3. The Envelope and Labels dialog box opens.

4. Click on Options.

5. Options open as above.

6. Fill in the delivery and return address (if required).

7. On the Envelope Options tab - Select the font for the delivery and return addresses and your envelope size from the drop down menu.

8. On the Printing Options tab select the printing feed options.

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9. To add the envelope to the current document or to save the envelope (with a blank document) Click "Add to Document" in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.

10. To print the envelope - click Print in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.

* It's helpful to be familiar with your printers feed to succesfully print envelopes!.

Printing after Addng to a Document.

To print the envelope - select Print from the FIle menu and enter "0" in the pages box (below).

To print the document only - enter "1".

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The address can be amended after adding to a document.

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