How to Create and Print an Envelope and Attach
it to a Document in MS Word 2007 and 2010

The method shown is similar for all MS Word versions.

See also: Create an Envelope in MS Word 1997-2003

1. Open or create the Document you wish to add an envelope to in MS Word or open MS Word to create a single envelope.

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2. Click the Mailings tab and then Envelopes in the Create group. The Envelopes and Labels dialog box opens.

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3. Enter the delivery address and a return address if you wish to.

4. Click Options to open the Envelope Options dialog boxes (below).

5. In Envelope Options select:
Envelope Size.
Delivery and Return Address Fonts
and positioning.
Click OK

6.In Printing Options:
Select envelope feed choices for the printer.
Click OK.

7. After selecting envelope and printing options you can then, in the Envelopes and Labelsn dialog box:-

Print the envelope: insert an envelope in the printer as chosen in Printing Options, and then click Print.
Add the envelope to the current document or save the envelope (with a blank document) - Click "Add to Document" in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.

* It's helpful to be familiar with your printers feed to succesfully print envelopes!.

If you wish to print an envelope seperately from a document it has been added to, you need to enter "0" in the "Pages:" section under Page range in the Print dialog box.

To print the document only enter "1".

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The address can be amended after adding to a document.


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