How to Link Data in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to a
Microsoft Word Document to give Automatic Updating

The Word file and Excel file should be on your hard drive – My Documents for example. Copy and place them there if they are on portable storage (i.e memory stick).

Open Word and Excel and keep them open.

Open each file in it’s respective program.

Select and copy required part of spreadsheet in Excel.

Paste Special in the Edit menu in Word to paste the Spreadsheet section at the required cursor position.

In Paste Special select "Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object"

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If you plan to transport the Word file for use on another computer, you will need to remember to include the Excel file so you can link the data again if required.

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Excel cells required for the Word document. The copied Excel cells in Word using paste special.
The files are linked and updating the Excel file and saving it will automatically update the Word file when you open it.
NOTE– If the files are moved to other folders the process has to be redone.

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For MS Word 2007 and MS Excel 2007 and later: The method is the same as above - Paste Special is accessed from the Home tab on the ribbon in Word 2007 (right).

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