How to Download using Torrents and a Torrent Client

What is a torrent?

Torrents are specialized files utilized in peer-to-peer (P2P) network environments. P2P is a network of personal computers that communicate with one another by running proprietary P2P software. The first P2P software designed to utilize torrents was BitTorrent by Bram Cohen. Other torrent clients have followed and include:
μTorrent - Azureus - Deluge - Yet ABC - BitComet - Bit Tornado - Shareaza

BitTorrent (often abbreviated as BT) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol (a description and set of rules on how to do things) , designed to distribute data in such a way that the original distributor would be able to decrease bandwidth usage while still being able to reach at least the same amount of people. Cohen's idea was to "break" the file being transferred into smaller segments called pieces. To save bandwidth, each person downloading (more commonly referred to as peers in the BitTorrent community) would have the pieces that they acquired available for upload to other peers in the swarm (the entire network of people connected to a single torrent). In this way, much of the load of sharing the file to every peer interested in it is offloaded to the peers. Note that a seed is basically a peer with every piece, so when a peer successfully attains all data in the torrent contents, that peer becomes a seed as well.

You need to first download a torrent client:

In this tutorial we are using μTorrent and to download it go to webpage:

Click on the Download Link (right) and click run to instal μTorrent on your computer.

After downloading you will find a link to open
μTorrent in at least one of these locations:
On your Desktop - "Start" button then All
Programs - "Quick Launch" on your Taskbar

torren client download

Now you have a torrent client lets find a torrent to download.

With torrents you can download video files (movies) - games - music - software ( programs ) - E-Books - pictures - audio books - TV shows.
Please Remember - Downloading and using, with torrents, many of the above for free is illegal as they may be retailed products. For example if you see a game or software file to download that mentions crack, patch or serial it means the download contains a method to illegally use the product for free. This tutorial does not endorse such activity!.

There are many torrent sites including:
The Pirate Bay at - 

We are going to download a film called  Star Wreck VI - In the Pirkinning by finding a torrent for it in The Pirate Bay.

1. Open The Pirate Bay in your browser.
2. In the Search Box type Star Wreck VI and Click Pirate search
3. The torrent we are after  ( Star Wreck VI - In the Pirkinning ) is available as shown below.

the Pirate Bay webpage

4. Double click the torrent.
5. The window below opens

8. Click OK

The Pirate Bay webpage

File Download window

add torrent window

9. μTorrent now opens and the file included in the torrent begins to download.

µTorrent interface

10. When the Progress in % = 100% Done the torrent/files are downloaded to the default directory on your computer (set in Options - Preferences - Directory as shown above ).
11. Right click the torrent being downloaded ( as shown above ) and click "Open Containing Folder" (right).
12. The directory containing the downloaded torrent/file opens (below) and in this instance we can play it using a media player as it's an "avi" file or burn it to disc to play on a dvd player.

dialog box

Note: Downloaded torrent files can be in many forms and you may have to unzip or unrar them or convert them to a more usable format. All the variables are beyond the scope of this tutorial but hopefully the example shown will be a basis for you to start using torrents. There is lots of help on torrent sites/forums/google searches to introduce you to the vagaries of torrents - "GOOD LUCK"

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