How to Drag and Drop Files in Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP and Drag an Open Window

The examples shown here are for Vista but the methods are
the same for XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Basic Drag and Drop in Windows Explorer (you could also open My Computer from the Start Menu to drag and drop items).

To open Windows Explorer in Vista, click on a link to a commonly used folder (i.e My Documents as shown below) in the Vista Start menu. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Start (Windows Logo Key)+ E to launch Windows Explorer.

" "

In this instance we have scrolled down the folders on the left and clicked on PHOTOfunSTUDIO to open it. We have then scrolled down the right window to find the picture "My-clown.JPG" (Fig A below).

" "

Note: We have the files showing as icons - you can choose how the files are displayed from the view menu (above).

Fig A

" "

Remember that Dragging and Dropping the file moves it from one folder to another. If you wish to leave the original file in the same place, copy and paste it in the same folder and drag and drop the copy to it's new destination. You can also rename either file by right clicking and selecting "Rename".

To Drag and Drop the File My-clown.JPG from the PHOTOfunSTUDIO folder to the Henry folder

1.  Move the pointer over the file and depress the left mouse button.
2.  Keeping the left mouse button depressed, move the mouse (the file will go with it !) towards the Henry folder until the Henry folder becomes highlighted.
3. Release the left mouse button and click it once.
4. The file will now appear in the Henry folder when you open it.

If you wish to drop a file into a folder that is not visible on the left scroll to bring it into view.
Remember the some folders need to be opened to find sub folders within them.
You can drag and drop whole folders is you wish.

Drag and Drop More Than One File At A Time

If you have several files that you want to move. You can select more than one file at a time and move all the selected files. To highlight several files at one time:
Select Multiple Files - Select several files at a time by clicking one, then holding down the CTRL key and selecting more.
Select Multiple Files in Succession - To select multiple files in succession, select the first file, then hold down the ALT key and then click the last file in the list.
Select All Files in a List - Hold down the CTRL Key and enter "A" on the keyboard. Everything will highlight. You can also select All Files, by using the Edit menu at the top of the window and select all option.

Drag From One Window and Drop to a Different Window

You can drag a file from one window and drop it in a different window. To do this just have the windows side by side and drop the file into an open area of the window ensuring no folder or file is selected in the window.

Drag an Item to your Desktop
(you can drag and drop program icons as well as files and folders)

To drag a file, folder or program to your desktop for easy accesss.

1. Minimize or close programs so the window you wish to drag the item from is open and in view and part of your desktop is visible.
Move the pointer over the item and depress the left mouse button.
3. Keeping the left mouse button depressed, move the mouse (the item will go with it !) over to an open area of the desktop.
4. Release the left mouse button and click once.
5. The item will appear on the Desktop

" "


Right Click for file views

In Vista and XP you can change how files are displayed by Right Clicking an open area of the file window and selecting "View" as below.

" "

Drag and Drop Multiple Files

You can drag and drop multiple files and folders in Vista and XP as if they are a single file or folder but you must first
have them all selected.

To select multiple differently placed files - click the first file to select it. Then hold the Control (Ctrl ) key down and click on the other files or folders you wish to select.

To select a continuous list of files - click the first file then hold the shift key down and click the last file in the list. This selects the first, last and files in between.

"All the selected files will now drag and drop."

Some other Drag and Drops you can do:

Drag an item from the Start Menu to the Desktop
Drag a Desktop item to the Quick Launch toolbar of the Taskbar.
You can drag and drop files and folders between open file windows. For example - in Cascade View (right click empty area of taskbar and select Cascade Windows) you can have Word and Excel open and drag and drop files and folders between their seperate "Open or "Save As" windows.
Some programs allow elements ( images etc ) you are using in the program to be dragged and dropped.

To Drag an open Window:

" "

To drag an open program:
Double click the green area above to minimise the program and then drag as as shown above.

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