How to use a Laptop Touchpad

The Touchpad enables you to move the mouse pointer on the screen. The Touchpad buttons allow the selection and execution of commands. The buttons correspond to the buttons on a conventional mouse. These instructions are typical for most laptops.

The controls on a laptop touchpad

A – Touchpad
B – Left  touchpad  button
C – Right touchpad button
D – Vertical scroll
E – Horizontal scroll


Using the scroll bars with a laptop touchpad

Moving the Pointer

Move your  finger on the touchpad (A) – the pointer will move on the screen accordingly. As if using the Mouse.

Selecting an Item

Move the pointer to the item you wish to select
tap the touchpad once or press the left button (B) once - the item will be selected.

Executing a Command

Move the pointer to the field / link etc you wish to select
Tap the touchpad twice or depress the left button quickly twice in succession.The command will be executed.

To Select Text

Move the text cursor to the start of the text you wish to select then tap the touchpad to leave it there. Then keeping the left touchpad button down move your finger along area E.

To Drag an Object

Place the pointer over the object – then while keeping the left touchpad button down move your finger over the touchpad (A) to reposition the object – release the left mouse button. For Text Boxes etc (items with bounding boxes) you need to select them first.

To Scroll a page Vertically

Move the pointer over the vertical scroll bar.
(B left) - while keeping the left button pressed down move your finger up or down area D of the Touchpad to scroll the page correspondingly.
Move the pointer over the scroll arrows (A left) and tap the touchpad to move to screen up or down incrementally.

To Scroll a Page Horizontally

As above – but move the pointer over the horizontal scroll bar and move your finger across area E of the Touchpad. Use scroll arrows similar to as vertical scrolling.

The right touchpad button (C) if pressed when the pointer is over an item will show a menu for that item if the item has one.

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