How to Select Text in MS Word and MS Works Word Processor - tutorial

For editing commands such as copy, cut and paste, you must select the text.
You can select text using the mouse or the keyboard

To Select Text with the Mouse

Click at the beginning of the text you want to select.

Press and hold the left mouse button and drag to the end of the text.

To deselect text, click any area in the window.

If you wish to modify a selection you have made, press and hold the Shift key and left mouse button. Then drag forward or backward to adjust the amount of selected text. Or, hold down the Shift key and one of the arrow keys to change the selection.

You can also use these shortcuts for selecting text:

Select a Word:

Double-click the word

Select a Line or Paragraph:

Triple-click the line

All text

Quadruple-click in the text

To Select Text with the Keyboard.

Selecting Blocks of Text with Shortcut Keys:

Move the cursor to the beginning of the text block. Hold down the Shift key and tap the left or right arrow key to select text.

Move the cursor Cursor to beginning of line


Cursor to end of line


Cursor to beginning of paragraph

Shift+Control+Up Arrow

Cursor to end of paragraph

Shift+Control+Down Arrow

Cursor to beginning of document


Cursor to end of document


Select All text


Deselecting text:

If some text is selected and you press any navigation keystroke, then theselection is cancelled, and which character in the text is the current characteris changed. In particular:

  • If you press RIGHT ARROW, then the selection is cancelled,and the first character after the text which was selected becomes the currentcharacter.
  • If you press LEFT ARROW, then the selection is cancelled,and either the first or last character of the text which was selected becomesthe current character. The first character becomes the current character inMicrosoft Word and email programs such as Outlook Express. Other programs varyin which convention they follow. In single line edit boxes, the last characteroften becomes the current character.

Select Text using the Keyboard.

Select Text using the Keyboard

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